Dr. Alexia Malone Oliver

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Functional Strength Coach

Alexia is a 2018 graduate of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She is currently completing her Masters of Athletic Training at Boston University, where her goal is to specialize in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Throughout college, Alexia has had a passion for rehabilitation, health and wellness, physical fitness, and nutrition. She received a Minor in nutrition while at Simmons College, as well as, completed two strength and conditioning internships at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. Here, she became a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC). She was also a collegite field hockey player. She believes the balance between manual rehabilitation, in combination with physical re-education and performance is the key to living a pain free life.

Throughout her time as a physical therapist, Alexia has worked with various diagnosis, ages and functional abilities. She has spent time in various clinical settings, however, holds the greatest passion for sports rehabilitation and performance. She has had the opportunity to work under the greatest sports therapists in the field and has worked with elite level football, baseball, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, soccer, swimmers, endurance and CrossFit athletes. She is continuously learning, researching and is dedicated to rehabilitate and educate her patients to living a pain free life.

Dr. Alexia Malone Oliver, DPT Strength Coach

In addition to her clinical practice, Alexia enjoys participating in CrossFit, Power lifting and Olympic lifting. She has completed various races, including the Boston Marathon and plans to complete a triathlon in the future.